A Guide For Building Relationships With Children


As time progresses through centuries, decades and generations, many are becoming more endangered of losing their culture and true meaning of what family should be because of lack of communication and effective parenting. Taaj Williams takes her education, life experiences, and motherhood and infuses it with her love for nature, music, movies and communication to build understanding, perspective and awareness of individuality.

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Check out some of the reviews below to see what members of Taaj's tribe think about chapters that they've previewed.
I absolutely love the way you metaphorically described the delicate innocence of children. It is important for us parents to understand that we can't expect our children to think on our level, especially when it comes to safety, growth, and development. This chapter concluded in a beautiful way, describing the essential needs in nature and how it relates to the growth of our children, as well as recognizing them for their individuality.

K. Hutchins

I love how you incorporated animals and plants which are all created by God. I was able to understand and transition my thoughts from a point of view I never took into consideration. I enjoyed reading this small portion. Can't wait to read the full book. This looks like a book the whole family can enjoy together and make it into a conversational piece.

N. Conley

Oh my.....I honestly have been taught a lot in these few lines. The angle and points are so profound and deep (not too deep but just enough to say damn...so true) in how cause and effect are in our kids lives. I love it.....I want more!!! Anxiously waiting for the release!!! Before I was waiting.....now I can't wait!!! Lol. So happy for you & your growth and how you feel it's important to share to grow others.

F. Harris


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